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Home of PrimordialPePe $PPEPE and StarDustDividends $SDIV

Meme Token Utility

Bringing Utility to the PePe MeMe

Nebula Swap

With our in-house NebulaSwap or with our Aggregator, Star System Labs can guarantee the best swaps for you

Security Focused

Since Star System Labs is providing a fully audited system, prior to launch to ensure security it a priority.

Dual Asset System

With PrimordialPePe and StarDustDividends you can choose how your money works for you within Star System Labs!

Automatic Dividend Payouts

StarDustDividends automatically pays its dividends to holders without the need to claim. Just check your wallet and watch your portfolio grow!

PePe Support

We are grandfathering all PePe(0x69) and Pond holders into our system and giving them the ability to vest their tokens OR stake LP tokens to generate PrimordialPePe!

MeMe Coin Utility

PrimordialPePe is the first meme token with utility. PromordialPePe can be vested or staked to gain StarDustDividends that pays out in Wrapped Bitcoin!

In-Depth Swap Aggregator

Nebula Swap

Nebula Swap is our gas optimized AMM system that allows users to perform seamless trades between tokens and meme coin pairs! Along with our Aggregator we will offer users the ability to select the router of their choice to maximize the token they receive in their trades. Fee from the aggregator are used to payout community rewards every 120 days to those who used our swap system.

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Fully Decentralized

Fair Token Launch

Star System Labs is providing a fair token launch, there is no whitelist for this token and all the minted PrimordialPePe will be locked into Liquidity Pools with 1,000 USD in each pool. Meanwhile the StarDustDividends will be split 70/30 into the UniSwap/Staking Pools . Every holder must buy from these pools or mint token within our system. Please read our docs to learn more!

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Decentralized Voting

The PrimordialDAO

Welcome to PrimordialDAO, the decentralized autonomous organization empowering the community to shape the integration of new Meme tokens into Star System Labs' LP Staking and Vesting systems. Our innovative governance model, driven by the StarDustDividends ($SDIV) token and amplified by CosmicImpacts, ensures transparency, fairness, and community-driven decision-making.

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PrimordialDAO Placeholder Asset
On-chain Generative NFT


PrimordialPlanets $PLANETS are our first NFT collection to be launched for use with the PrimordialPePe token. They are free mint for the first 2,000 and then you must burn PrimordialPePe to mint for a total of 10,000. $PLANETS are generated on-chain, on mint, preventing rare sniping. $PLANETS will be stake-able for PrimordialPePe token as well as a boost to either LPStaking or Token Vesting. Please read our docs to find out more!

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